Dragon Tales – Review

Steampunk Dragon Box - corner
Source: Flickr

Dragon Tales by Mary C. Fairbanks is genuinely and amusing book, chock loaded with twenty-four dragon stories. Perfect for youth from the age of five to fifteen, even grownups would be charmed by its pages. The images are unique and intriguing, with a design that left me with the impression they were developed on a computer system.

Caretakers are most likely to discover the morals to each story handy to handle youth problems with social interaction, self-image, overcoming self-absorption, comprehending others and more. The author deals with numerous issues through her lovable, yet egotistical dragons or perhaps through unfortunate and lonesome dragons. She reveals the value of liberty and determines communities interacting to resolve issues in harmony. The confusion in between the manner in which dragons and human beings view each other in this book will help versus racism. Her characters learn to not passively accept exactly what everybody else believes and live by another’s bias. Instead, Mary has the characters discover on their own exactly what is the fact. Commonly, the young characters have to ‘believe’ their escape of a situation or learn to ask the ideal questions – instead of battling it or running away from problems.

I would advise this imaginary, youngsters’s book of short stories to any individual, anytime, anywhere.

ISBN #: 1554102545
Author: Marie C. Fairbanks
Publisher: Zumaya Otherworlds